Growing up, I chose not to do some things (or kept things to myself) because I was scared my mama was going to have a hissy fit.  My mama had them.  My aunts had them.  Can’t say the men in my life did…oh, wait.  Maybe they did.

Hissy fit:  fit of anger, temper tantrum.

One Way Not To Have a Hissy Fit

Confession:  I have hissy fits, too.  Life can be so crazy hard sometimes, and I don’t deal well.

I remember one particular grown-up hissy fit that had something to do with the rat race of getting ready for school and work.  It involved a hair spray can and how far it was projected down the hall.  Ya’ll.  Seriously, I did that.  No one was harmed during my not so finest hour.  I’m not proud of that moment.  What I am thankful for is that I took my anger out on the hairspray can.  Then there was that time on our honeymoon that I chunked a box of french fries at my beloved while he tried to navigate Orlando traffic.

I’d love to say my hissy fits were limited to only the above mentioned incidents, but…alas, I cannot.

Just today, I could feel myself on edge and anxious.  Nothing major had happened, just lots of little stuff, some of my own doing.  I was angry with myself for making a dumb mistake.  Frustrated with myself for not being able to make a decision.  And irritated that I had allowed miscommunication of mess up some weekend plans.  And, of course, in that, the normal day to day with four littles under five.

I could feel it rising up…the makings of a hissy fit.

I kind of wanted to have one.  Then I’d feel release from that edgy, anxious feeling, but on the flip side, I knew I would feel deflated if I allowed my unstable emotions spill out into my day.  I asked Chris to pray.  You know what he said?  “Just breathe. And pray.”

Breathe & Pray

That’s the 1 thing we can do to NOT have a hissy fit:  Breathe and pray.

That’s the one thing we can do to avoid an explosion.  Even though it seems like two things, they go together as one, breathing and praying at the same time. Calming your nerves and spirit together.

That’s exactly what I did.  The little stuff that had made me feel so on edge was still there, but I felt peace and, oddly…joy.  So many times we are helpless to control or change our circumstances.  No matter the circumstances, I can breathe and pray.

I don’t know about you, but I am thankful that there’s Someone who cares about mamas throwing hissy fits.  Jesus cares about these little things that are irritating me today, and He comforts when we just breathe and pray.


Brina Lynn

9 comments on “One Way NOT to Have a Grown-up Hissy Fit”

  1. Love your transparency, Mama! Ironically, the sound of the words “hissy fit” make me giggle – except when I’m in the midst of one of those myself!

  2. This is so helpful! I was just wondering last night if my children would see a difference in me in “those” moments and with an unsaved mama. How do I respond differently? DO I respond differently? HOW do I respond differently? What do I do when I don’t respond differently? This is really a week of chewing on my responses. Thank you for this insight! I love how thought provoking this post was!!

    • Oh, Jennifer! I know I don’t respond differently many times. Grace, girl. Asking for forgiveness when we mess up. Explaining how even Mama can be mean and wrong. Breathing and praying, all the time. (<

  3. I confess that I have thrown my fair share of grown up hissy fits, which should make me understand all the more why my kids have them. There is so much about life that isn’t formulaic and sometimes the amount of “what do I do now” parenting moments overwhelm me (much less disagreeing with my hubby about what we should do now). Thanks for this reminder! I needed it.

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