Our Story of Restoration

Every time we see the pictures from our vow renewal, our hearts are overwhelmed at the goodness of our Savior! He did a mighty work in our lives, not only in our hearts individually, but in the life of our marriage. We are a changed couple!

We are just your couple next door. Our life struggles, just like yours, tend to be hidden away. But because of the healing we have experienced in our marriage, we can’t but speak about what amazing things God has done in our marriage and share with you!

We met as children and eventually became high school sweethearts. College life as individuals didn’t suit us, so two years after we graduated high school, we got married. Our marriage could be described as good, blessed, and even wonderful most times.

But a dark cloud overshadowed the wonderful times in the winter of 2016. My husband was struggling to overcome an addiction to pornography, while I continued life unaware of the trap that held my husband entangled. It was that winter that Chris, broken beyond his own ability to fix himself, confessed his problem to me, and our journey to find mending and restoration began. You can read the whole “first-time-sharing” story by clicking HERE.

Our desire is to help other couples fight for their marriages with the right tools! 

Our marriage is, of course, not perfect, but it’s better today than it ever has been. Yours can be, too!

Come join us. Rest yourself. Take some deep breaths and slow the pace as you prepare to mend your marriage!