Hey, ya’ll!  It’s so good to see you here!

That’s me, Brina Lynn, with my little, big family kinda hiding back there with my precious treasures.  These people are my heart, which is why I do what I do.

Just a little bit about us:

I’ve lived all my life in the rural South, and I’m just a country girl at heart.  I love wide open fields, going barefoot, late evenings on the front porch with my love, and being a mom.  Oh, and coffee.  Let’s not forget coffee!

Chris and I were high school sweethearts.  I thought he was such a dork in 8th grade, and then I practically begged him to marry me a few years later!  We got married after a year in college; he was 19, I was 20.  He teases me frequently about being his “old lady.”  God has greatly blessed us!  Yes, we’ve been through some really rough times, but we are indeed blessed.

Our oldest two children came in pretty close succession, being exactly 18 months apart.  At that point, we thought we may want more kids one day, (when I say kids, I mean kid).  It was in 2006 that the Lord began dealing with our hearts about adoption, and we followed his leading.  BB came home from the Philippines in 2009 at 15 months old!

When we brought BB home from the Philippines, I knew that I needed (and wanted) to be home with them.  And so, we decided that we would work towards that goal.  After another year in the classroom, I did just that…I came home.  Really, I haven’t looked back.  That’s not to say I haven’t wanted to throw in the towel, even if just for few days, but I know my calling: to be home, teaching my kids, managing my home, being a help-meet for my husband.

Our family has blossomed and grown, becoming bigger than I ever dreamed!  HR came next, then quickly after (19 months to be exact) came M&M, the twins.  And our caboose, JBear, came two and a half years later!

While I love and cherish (though, admittedly not enough) these treasures, it’s not all roses.

It’s not pretty all the time.  I can put on a mask with the rest of the world and paint a pretty picture.  The truth is, it’s downright yucky sometimes.  A lot of times.  Do you sometimes feel like the yucky is what prevails, and you find yourself hating life?

That’s why I’m here

It’s true.  Sometimes I do, hate life, that is.  Being in the trenches of life is hard. It’s scary.  It’s frustrating. It seems to never end.  When I am in the trenches (and I almost always am), I can’t see past the dirt in front of me.  Maybe you know that feeling.

Friend, that’s why I am here.  I want to always be honest with you, to share my struggles, share my trench-life. There are two reasons:  1) I have so often felt so isolated and alone and that no one really gets it, and so I want to be open and transparent in an effort to help you know you are NOT alone, and 2) I want to be an encouragement when you do feel that way and urge us all to find joy in the trenches.  You were created for such a time as this.  Let’s do this together.

Family picture 2017