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If you’ve been around here for long, you know we have a house full of kids! We’ve brought 7 babies home from the hospital, and one straight from Manila. Like all mothers, I remember each one. While some details have gotten fuzzy over the years, some are clear as a bell.

The thing is, we only get to do it once with each baby. We only get those first few weeks one time. And while they are crazy hard–as you try to figure out and navigate the newness of this precious treasure–you want to remember and cherish everything about those first weeks home.

The things I wish someone would have shared with me, I’m sharing with you at Surviving Toddlerhood this week! Admittedly, I’m not sure my 24 year-old self would have listened because I was strong, you know and felt I had something to prove.

The part that saddens me is that my time of experiencing those weeks is over. Oh, there’s more goodness to experience as my children grow, but I wish I had done a better job of taking it slow and relishing everything about it.

6 Tips For New Moms


Oh, Mama! You have just done the most amazing thing: you brought a life into this world!

You have taken in the smell of that sweet treasure, kissed her head 10,000 times already, nuzzled her neck again and again, and run your fingers across the tiny fingers and toes. She’s close enough to perfect for you to stare at and snuggle with for–well, forever.

Except it’s time to go back home, back to your “normal” – wife, mom to other littles, home manager. At least that’s what they tell us….

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