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Do you know someone who’s like a walking Bible? Yeah, I live with one. But I am terrible at memorization, scripture or otherwise, and I have to really work at it.

However, this year, I’m dedicated to hiding God’s word in my heart. I might not be able to spout it like some can, but this year, I want to commit to memorizing, internalizing, and saturating myself in scripture.

If I had to guess, you strive for the same thing. Hopefully your memorization skills are better than mine!

On my own, I’ve tried things like reading the verse or passage over and over, writing it again and again, and reading it aloud (although, I hate the sound of my own voice and find it hard to read aloud by myself). I’ve also made images with verses and printed scripture cards. While the cards take the most effort, they seem to be what works best for me.

Because I am [obviously] no expert on the subject of scripture memorization, I’m sharing some amazing references so that we can all read and discover what works best for each of us and our learning preferences.

10 of the Best Scripture Memory Hacks from Great Christian Bloggers:

  • Laura shares what she has learned as a teacher to young kids to help people of any age commit scripture to memory. In her post, 4 Effective Scripture Memory Strategies, you’ll be reminded of strategies that I’m sure you know, but maybe have forgotten.
  • Amber shares a hack that I have never heard of before, but it makes so much sense! Her method helps trigger the brain to recall the words of each verse. Check out her All Time Favorite Scripture Memory Hack!
  • Liz shares how she maximizes the little time she has by keeping these beautiful cards handy! She gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to make her Soul Deep Scripture Cards.
  • Shelley calls us as “Warrior Princesses” to to prepare for the battle, to internalize God’s word, and be on guard for whatever the enemy throws our way! She challenges us today to Memorize Bible Scripture: Be Prepared for Battle!10 of the Best Scripture Memory Hacks
  • Vickie challenges us to memorize a scripture from each book of the Bible! This post is the beginning of her challenge, starting in Genesis. She also offers ways to help us hide God’s word in our hearts!
  • Alison shares how she began to commit to memory scripture to help her through times of anxiety. Scripture Memory 101 and Scripture Memory The Easy Way are strategies she uses to commit to memory entire passages from the Bible.
  • Meredith talks about saturation and what it means in terms in the context of scripture in her post How to Memorize Scripture for Beginners.
  • Ellen offers 10 Bible Memorization Tips That Won’t Take All Day. I have used a couple of these with my kids (and they work), so I’m not sure why I haven’t tried them for myself!
  • Or maybe like Leah, you feel like because you have done scripture memory all your life you find yourself thinking, “Yeah, I know that verse,” and you skip on over it. In her article, Why I’m Not Memorizing Scripture this Year, she brings valid points and offers alternatives if you are not in a season of memorizing scripture.

What’s the point?

Why do we memorize, internalize, saturate our lives with scripture? So that we know the truth and so that we can refute the lies. I’m prone to believe the lies. I have to talk back to myself and tell myself truth because the lies can surely overtake me.

The lies allow us to stay in our brokenness, and sometimes it just feels good to wallow in it. However, wallowing in it gets us [gets me] nowhere. My desire is to hide God’s word in my heart so that when the lies come, I can stand up to them and praise Jesus anyway!

Scripture Memory Hacks

If you are not sure where to start, here are some helpful starting points:

It’s not so important how we get the Word in our hearts, but rather that we get it there. We can’t fight the battle or combat the lies if we don’t have the weapon to do so. I encourage each of us to find what works and commit to tucking truth away in our hearts!

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  1. I used to be much better about Scripture memorization, but as I’ve gotten older I forget to event attempt it! Thanks for the encouragement to dig in.

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