Don’t ask me why, but the other day I was thinking about whales. Weird. I know.

I considered how they come up for air, but they know that they are going back down to the deep.  (It is said that sperm whales can hold their breath for up to 90 minutes!) It may be a long way down (more than 3,000ft) and quite a while before they take their next breath. But in search of food, they are determined to dive deep, go farther.

I want to be like this whale! Determined to dive deep in my walk with the Lord, knowing that it’s going to be hard and long and my next breath may be several hundred feet away.


I’m just going to say it. I’m a whiny baby. When life gets to hard, I get myself in a tizzy. I begin to doubt and turn back, forgetting the food that awaits if I just keep diving deeper. And if I do make it to the “food” one time and go back up for air, I am determined that I “ain’t goin’ back down there.”

I should be determined to take the breath and then dive back deep, but I’m scared of that. I’m afraid of what comes after the breath, and I wonder when in the world I’ll get another one.

My heart is this, though:

Lord let me trust in You! Let me trust that you are doing something deeper in me when…

the kids won’t sleep.
all they do is fight all day long.
my marriage is falling apart.
we can’t make ends meet.
friends are battling horrific diseases.
not one thing is going right.
I feel broken and alone.

Let me not shy away from the scary deep just because trusting is hard! But when it’s hard, and I feel like life is crushing me, let me take a breath in you. May I find my rest, my breath–in You!

When You Need a Breath _ 37 Songs to Lift Your Spirit

In need of a breath

When I feel like life is spiraling out of control, nothing speaks to me more than God’s word, a word from a friend, or music to comfort my weary soul.

Because I know I need a breath (and lots of encouragement) to be able to make myself go back to the deep, I asked you what songs ministered to you most when you felt life spiraling out of control.

Spiraling downward out of control is not the place God has for us. Even in that, He lifts us us. He allows us breath through His word, through song, and through his people so that we can muster enough trust to go back again with Him.

Remember what Psalm 34:18 says:

The Lord is near the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit.

I’ve compiled a list of songs that YOU said were your go-tos when life’s thrown you in a tailspin. This is an awesome list, ladies! I shared a similar (albeit smaller) list a few weeks back. So if you don’t find your recommendation here, it’s mostly likely because I shared it there. But it gets even better, I created a playlist just for you (for us) to have handy anytime we need that breath!

37 Songs to Lift Your Spirit

I Have This Hope  Good Father  In the Eye of the Storm
 In Christ Alone Diamonds  Even If
Overcomer Peace Perfect Peace Grace Wins
Amazing Grace I Need Thee Point to You
Ever Be  Worn  Chain Breaker
King of the World Take Courage Thy Will Be Done
Your Spirit  God Is Able If You Want Me To
 There is a Cloud  Through the Fire Lamb of God
Come As you Are  Just Breathe  Lifeline
It is Well God of All My Days Oh My Soul
My Story  Thank you Jesus  Trust in You
The Voice of Truth Find it In the Lord  Love Came Down
  Love Restores  

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37 Songs to Lift Your Spirit

Brina Lynn

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  1. Thank you for this playlist! I have not listened to many of these songs before…guess it’s a good time to discover some new music for my days!

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