Today is the day to stop going through the motions and instead, make the steps towards a mended marriage!

To mend means to restore or repair; to bring back to health. Mending a marriage doesn’t just mean mending from complete brokenness, but also a bringing back to health of even those marriages that have slipped from healthy and vibrant to mediocre and dull.

If we consistently did the things that restore health into marriage, we wouldn’t need mending for our marriages in the first place. But the truth is that marriages are suffering because we don’t do those things. It’s not because we are terrible, selfish people; it’s because we simply either don’t know, or we get busy and forget. 

 Join us to discover just what that looks like!

We are Chris and Sabrina, just your couple next door. Our life struggles, just like yours, tend to be hidden away. But because of the healing we have experienced in our marriage, we can’t but speak about what amazing things God has done in our marriage and share those things with you!

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