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I meant I wasn’t going to homeschool my kids. If you had told me in my college years that I would be one of those “homeschooling moms,” I most likely would have laughed at you. For starters, I wasn’t smart enough to teach every subject. Secondly, I didn’t want my kids to be *those* nerdy homeschool kids.

You know, it’s funny in a way. For an education class in college, I had to do research in the form of an interview of a homeschool family. I chose to interview the only homeschooling mom that I knew of at the time, Mrs. V. While I love her and have always liked chatting with her, I did not want to follow after her. So, I made up my mind right then that I would never do that to myself or my kids.

God’s plans often aren’t our plans.

Fast forward about 15 years, and here I am–homeschooling mom to not just two kids, but eight, six of which are school-age. I don’t know about you, but crow isn’t my favorite dish if you know what I mean. I’m sure God laughs at my unwillingness to bend when he bends me anyway.

Is Homeschool Right For your family?

Perhaps it’s kind of like a scene here in our house: HR is our most stubborn child, and when she gets something in her mind to do or not to do, she’s not giving in. Sometimes, as I move her or try to explain to her, I get tickled at that severely over-exaggerated pout face. I can imagine God chuckling as he explains to me or gently moves me in the direction I should be going.

He did that in an old cemetery, and I it changed me. While I never intended to bring my kids home and teach them myself, I know that was God’s plan for us. His plans are often far from our own.

The extra nudge toward homeschooling

At that time in my life, I followed and regularly read a blog by a large-family, orphan-loving, Jesus-serving, homeschooling mom. It was then called Place Called Simplicity.

The post I remember so well was one in response to her homeschooling post giving a run-down of what her day looks like. I was so far from sure about what we were getting ready to do that I could use all the encouragement I could find! Here’s what she said; I’ll never forget it.

“…if any of you guys are even remotely thinkin’ about takin’ the plunge and giving homeschooling a try….here is what I have told others who have come to me and said they were considering it…..Try it. Your kid will not be ruined by one year of homeschooling. In fact there is a strong likelihood that you will enjoy it and I promise that you will never, ever regret that one year. You will have fun, maybe amidst moments of craziness, but you will not regret it.” [You Guys Sure Made Me Laugh]

I knew I read that post for a reason. Even thought I had committed to homeschooling the following school year, I didn’t have a clue what it might look like. And knowing that after a year if I hated it that I could throw in the towel? I knew I could do anything for a year. Just a year.

Linny was right. I do not love what I do every single day, but I do love who I spend my days with. They grate my nerves in some way, most days, but I’d rather spend my days with them than anyone else. Some days I do want to line them up and “parade them all down to the local school for enrollment.”

I’m not super smart, and this upper-level math content and frog dissection? I have to pass off to Daddy. But when I really sit and think about how God spoke to me in an unlikely place and through a simple blog post, my heart is thankful and at peace with what we are doing…even if it takes me a few hours of deep breathing and complete silence to remember.

Can I encourage you?

Maybe you are sitting on the fence like me and need just a little bit of encouragement. Maybe this homeschooling thing is the farthest thing from your mind. I get that. Nonetheless, I’m convinced it wasn’t by chance or accident you read this post today. I know it wasn’t chance or accident that I read Linny’s post all those years ago.

I can’t help but share the things that God used to nudge me. I’m proof that God changes lives and hearts! May He use our story; may He use Linny’s encouragement. Our desire is to see you doing what the Lord has called you to do, whatever that is. And friend, doing it for God’s glory!


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