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How on top of your homemaking game are you? Are you killing it every day? Some days? Or do you feel like I do and feel like you are failing most days?

First of all, I think it’s important for us all to remember that no one–not even the mom who looks like she has it together all the time–has it all together all the time. We all have areas of struggle. I believe that’s why it’s important for all of us to have mentors–women we look to when we just can’t figure it out.

But let’s be real. Not even our mentors have all the answers all the time! That’s why sometimes it’s nice to have an arsenal on hand. One like the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

What’s so great about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018?

I’m so glad you asked! The team at Ultimate Bundles does a great job every year putting together resources for homemakers just like us. It includes ebooks, ecourses, audios, videos, workbooks, printables, and a few membership sites–totaling 129 resources!

And trust me, they’ve got all the areas of homemaking covered! From finances to faith, home management to time management, marriage and family to self care, homeschooling to working from home, and from our work in the kitchen to living intentionally.

And the greatest part? It’s super affordable! This mom of seven watches her pennies, but I have purchased the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle multiple years! Even if you just use 10 of the resources from the bundle, you’ve gotten your money’s worth because this bundle, valued at over $3000 is just 29.97.

That sounds insane! I know; I was skeptical at first, too, but it really is a boatload of good information and great books from amazing authors!

Here is just a sampling of only two of the product categories:

Taking control of your finances (total value = $161.97)

  • The 90 Day Budget Bootcamp Workbook by Rosemarie Groner ($7.00)
  • Financial Foundations: Everything You Need to Build a Strong Financial Foundation by Jennifer Roskamp ($37.00)
  • Finding Your Greatest Worth: A Starter Kit by Nicole Rule ($49.00)
  • Real Life on a Budget Planner by Jessi Fearon ($19.97)
  • The Complete Grocery Budget Solution by Elise New ($49.00)

You’ll find ways to…

  • Move from overwhelmed and living paycheck to paycheck to confident in budgeting with money in the bank.
  • Get simple, actionable, and targeted money strategies, worksheets that show you exactly how to track the most common financial expenses as well as blank worksheets for your numbers
  • Find beauty in your finances & find YOUR greatest worth as well as the key to creating a budget you’ll actually stick to!
  • Keep your finances organized in an easy-to-use printable that will help you create, stick to, and manage your real life on a budget.
  • Save massive amounts of money on your groceries by shopping smarter, and making your meal plan work for you!

Bible studies & devotionals (total value = $89.99)

  • Bible Study Methods: 7 Ways in 7 Days by Arabah Joy ($15.00)
  • Four Ways to Study the Bible by Sarah E. Frazer ($18.00)
  • Simplifying Prayer: A Practical Prayer Guide and Workbook by Tega Edwin ($17.00)
  • Persimmons & Provision 30-Day Gratitude Journal by Erin Odom ($10.00)
  • Wives of the Bible: 25 Easy Lesson You Can Learn from These Imperfect Women to Radically Transform Your Marriage by Jolene Engle ($8.99)
  • Write Through the Word: Simple Scripture Writing for Busy Women by Jennifer Thorson ($21.00)

You will…

  • Discover new ways to study the Bible.
  • Demystify prayer and deepen your relationship with God.
  • Focus on what truly matters in life and reflect on your blessings.
  • Meet 25 wives in the Bible and learn from them to help you transform your marriage.
  • Hide God’s Word in your heart in a way that sticks, even if you don’t have a lot of time for a Bible study each day.

My Top Picks ~ Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018:

It really is an amazing value, my friend! But let’s get real. Am I really going to read and/or watch all 129 of the products in the bundle? Probably not. But that’s ok! I have my eye on a few that I am super excited about!

Financial Foundations: Everything You Need to Build a Strong Financial Foundation by Jennifer Roskamp ($37.00)

Learn how to transform your finances with money-saving secrets and printable worksheets to start planning your financial future, starting today.

Jennifer is a mom of 8, almost 9, and she knows a thing or two about making your money work for you! I’ve taken courses of hers before, and she has so much to offer in the way of helping you get a handle on your finances!

The 90 Day Budget Bootcamp Workbook by Rosemarie Groner ($7.00)

The 90-day Budget Bootcamp can transform your finances and FINALLY get you to the place where setting and sticking to a budget is easy.

As good as I feel like we are at budgeting at times, when I sit down for a “for real” reality check, I know we could use some tightening up in areas! Rosemarie is also a budgeting guru. Don’t believe me? Check out her blog, The Busy Budgeter!

Come to the Well: How to Connect with God through Journaling by LaToya Edwards ($15.00)

Through personal stories and biblical truth, this book will equip Christian moms to make real and lasting changes to their relationship with God.

I have never been good at journaling, but I know that it can be an important step to take in my faith journey. I’m excited to read this book and finally wrap my mind around journaling and how it can affect my walk with the Lord!

Bible Study Methods: 7 Ways in 7 Days by Arabah Joy ($15.00)

This 7-day crash course will introduce you to 7 different ways to study the Bible so that you’re not relying on ready-made Bible studies to help you dig into God’s Word.

I can’t say enough good about the resources I’ve found of Arabah Joy’s! She truly has a heart to walk along with others helping them dig into the Word. I can’t wait to jump into this crash course!

Ya’ll, I could go on and on and on! There are so many excellent resources that I cannot wait to get my hands on. Somehow, I’ve got to find a quiet spot and dig in!

The sale only lasts through Monday, though! Don’t put it off! Check it out today!

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