When you look to the horizon, what do you see?  At that place where the earth meets the sky, things look different.  Storms, for example.  You see such a large part of it as opposed to when it churns right overhead, and all you see are the dark clouds and rain right around you.  There is more beauty in a storm on the horizon, partly because you can see more of the picture but partly because you’re safe as long as it stays there.  Someone else’s storm.  That’s the one on the horizon, and you pray to God it stays theirs and never becomes yours.

Today I step out of the norm, out of my comfort zone.  It’s not what I normally share (at least thus far), but there’s something “big a-brewin’,” as my granny would say.

So, I’m screaming “Heads-Up!”  Please look up, please look ahead because there’s something on the horizon.


I played softball much of my growing up years, and when a fly ball was hit, you wanted someone giving you a heads-up.  Otherwise you might just get popped in the face with the ball.  On occasion, you still might get popped with the ball, but at least you have some moments to prepare before that hard hit.

That’s what this is, a heads-up.  On Thursday, when I step into the batter’s box, I can almost assure you I’m hitting a fly ball.  It’s going to seem to come out of nowhere, and I’m afraid without a heads up, you would get hit pretty hard.  Believe me, when that fly ball came my way, it hit me hard.  Very hard!

How can you prepare for what’s coming?

This fly ball, this storm on the horizon.  Pray.  Please, please pray.  Pray for you and for me.  Pray for open hearts and forgiving spirits.

In truth, this is my storm, my fly ball.  It’s one that you get to watch from the safety of your front porch off on the horizon, but I walked in it.  It was probably one of the most difficult storms I ever have had to face.  Without a doubt, it was the hardest I’ve ever been hit.  I wish I had been given a heads-up.

I’m sharing it with you because people need to know.  People need to know that they are not alone and that God forgives.  As Christians, we can’t share that message if we keep our junk to ourselves, and God can’t be glorified if we don’t allow others to see our failures.

I'm sharing it with you because people need to know. People need to know that they are not alone and that God forgives.Click To Tweet

So pray.  It is very hard for me and my family to be this open and this vulnerable.  But God has done great and mighty things, and we cannot hide that nor do we want to hide it.  Rather, we must share, and talk about the miracle, yes miracle, He has done in our lives.

Heads Up! Look to the Horizon

Brina Lynn

2 comments on “Heads Up! Look to the horizon”

  1. “I’m sharing it with you because people need to know. People need to know that they are not alone and that God forgives.”

    These words are so powerful. I’m proud of your family for letting God use you – especially when it’s hard and OH so uncomfortable. Prayers!

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