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Easter. Resurrection Day.

The words evoke so much emotion within me. I’m at war within myself.

Tears over Easters past with all of my aunts and my mom, my uncle and Granny, threaten to spill over. Those were happy days. I loved the new dresses and didn’t mind the fancy shoes for that one day. Truthfully, I couldn’t wait for the obligatory Easter morning church service to be over so we could get to Granny’s where I would meet up with my cousins and eat amazing food and then have the best egg hunt ever.

As a Christian mom, while I loved those days, I realize what overwhelms me now more than memories  is the desire for my kids to enjoy Easter like I did but at the same time know and care what Easter really is.

Easter reflections

This week has me is very much about reflection.

Would I have been in the crowd welcoming Jesus into the city on Palm Sunday, shouting along with them, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the the name of the Lord!”?

Or would I be among the crowd later in the week shouting, “Crucify Him!”?

Or worse, would I have been with both groups? Would I have allowed my judgement become cloudy and confused and joined the throng who were adamant that he be crucified?

Easter Reflections

Without a doubt, I would have been among the group He prayed for while he suffered on that cross. “Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing.”

Yet, He died for us.

All of us. He gave in to the wrath of the Father and allowed Himself to suffer for us.

Would I have been among those who were eager to prepare the body? Or would I have been so afraid of all that had happened that I would be in hiding?

On that third day, or the days after, would I have been privileged to encounter Him one last time?

In my reflection, I realize that I don’t have to wonder if I could have seen him “one last time” because He is risen, and He has sent a helper to be with us always, even to the end of the age.

Rejoice with me: He is risen! He lives!

Easter reflections: Check out these articles!

This week, I have found some articles that were helpful to me as I spent time reflecting. I pray that they speak to you, too.

The Freedom in my 3 Favorite Words in the Bible…. By Angel Penn:

“‘It is finished.’ These are the final three words that Jesus spoke before He gave up His spirit on the Cross. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most important event of the Christian faith. It is a historical fact—one with profound implications for your life and mine.”

Whitewashed Christianity by Heather Hart:

I looked around and saw all the people in their beautiful Easter clothes and wondered how many felt the same way I did. I wondered if I was the only one who had failed to stand in awe and celebrate deep within my soul.”

Easter Reflections

Easter Is Not About the Bunny. It’s All About the Lamb. by Charlie White:

Charlie talks about how we shift our focus from all things commercially Easter (though not bad, just not Christ-centered) to the Lamb who was slain, the one who takes away our sin.

Ways to Point Our Kids to Jesus this Easter

So many of us are looking for ways to enjoy Easter with our kids without sacrificing our opportunity to point them to Jesus. These are excellent articles that help us do just that!

⇒Amber offers Amazing Christian Gift Ideas To Include In Your Kid’s Easter Basket!

“…roaming the local stores I often struggle to find any evidence of Easter’s relation to the empty tomb. Instead there are rows of Easter bunnies, plastic eggs, and pastel baby chicks.”

Amber gives 15 great suggestions for gifts to include in your kids Easter basket that do exactly what we want–point them to Jesus!

⇒Jennifer shares about how her family created an Easter Jesse Tree!

Whoop! We love the Jesse Tree at Christmas, so next year, this is on our Easter to-do list!

“As for our family, we have decided to practice Easter traditions that are not only joyous, but guide our children into reflection and worship. Therefore, we looked to the teachings of Scripture in order to rediscover the meaning of Easter and infuse our holiday with traditions that will equip our children to enter into their own sacred rhythms of meaningful reflection.”

⇒Anne points to awesome Family Activities That Teach About the Resurrection.

She gives some really neat ideas to make Easter not only fun, but also Christ-centered for you and your children!

⇒And if you are a scavenger hunt type, check out this awesome Easter Scavenger Hunt by Arabah Joy!

She says,

“The idea is to walk through the Easter story but do a scavenger hunt while doing it!”

Keeping Christ the Center at Easter

Reflect with me

Take a minute to reflect with me. I pray that these articles will help you as you do, and give you ideas to make this Easter more about Christ and less about traditions and eggs. Let your heart be stirred and even overwhelmed as you ponder what amazing things our Mighty God has done!

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