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I have talked often of how God has taken our broken marriage and put it back together. It’s truly nothing short of a miracle, and I am beyond thankful to have seen and experienced it. That doesn’t mean, however, I understood or welcomed any part of it – quite the opposite! I don’t want to give the impression that I didn’t hurt.

In fact, I want to be true to my feelings and thoughts so that other women trudging through this almost unbearable trench can see that they are not alone! I ached. Cried. Doubted. Depression began to close in on me. More than once, I wanted to die. Those are all normal feelings, and I’m here to be your Aaron when you can’t hold up your arms or head by yourself right now.

Dear Broken Wife

Today, I’m sharing those completely raw feelings with you. Here’s just a peek of the post I’m sharing at Grey Ministries.

To You: Broken Wife | With Love

Betrayal Takes Everything

Everything you once knew–everything you once treasured–is just…gone. All that was sure is no longer sure, and you don’t understand. You feel lost…broken…and lonely.

Your heart feels like it could actually break. You can barely eat or sleep, and the darkness and depression you feel is closing in on you. He stole your smile and your song–just like that. All you really want to do is scream, cry, and run, sometimes all at the same time. If you could do that, maybe you’d feel a release.

You want to leave and be done with the whole mess, don’t you? But because there are kids in the mix, the ones you treasure, you surely can’t let them down by running out on them.

Day after day, you scream silently wondering if you will ever get past this, if you can ever love him again because right now, you just don’t. You hate him for what he has done….

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