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Christmas time is upon us, and that has me thinking of Christmas music, Christmas food, and Christmas movies. I was once again lamenting about missing the 25 day Christmas movie countdown. While I don’t often miss cable TV, missing out on cozy, funny, inspiring Christmas movies does make me miss it a tiny bit. 

If you decided to ditch the cable TV, or cut the cord, in recent years, you are not alone. In fact, millions of Americans have decided to do the same thing. According to this article, 33 million Americans decided to pull the plug on their cable TV subscriptions in 2018 alone.

We cut cable long before it was a thing to do because we were desperately trying to get out of debt and live on one income. It was a no-brainer for us, and ended us saving significant amounts of money, but it wasn’t exactly an easy decision to make, especially for a stay at home mom of little kids. However, once we decided to cut the cord, there was no going back. This was in the days before Netflix streaming or Amazon Prime. It was in the days of old VHS tapes and DVDs and PBS. We were forever grateful for the library and Netflix DVDs. But when streaming came along…? Game. changer!

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While we’ll never go back to traditional cable TV, l sure do miss ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas because Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and Christmas movies are the icing on the cake. Back in the day before we cut cable, which was in probably 2009, they played many Christmas favorites. Over the years, we’ve collected many more of our favorites, some of the very faves still on VHS. It’s so funny to watch my children figure out how to use the VCR because we don’t use it often. 

Then it dawned on me–I could create our own 25 Days of Christmas Movie Countdown! 25 Days of Christmas Movies Countdown

All of the movies in our family 25 Days of Christmas Movie Countdown are our personal favorites. We have small children, so we tend to watch more animated movies, rated G or PG. I also have opted to only list movies to which we have current access to either in our personal library, through PureFlix, our local library, or through friends and family. Times are tough, so the goal is to continue saving money while enjoying our Christmas favorites together. 

You may certainly download a copy of our list, but feel free to take the blank list and fill in your own with your favorites of your own collection or those you have access to whether through a streaming service, the library, or your neighbor. However, the goal is not to add one more thing to your super busy plate this Christmas season. It’s quite the opposite. Our goal is to have these movies posted so that we have a reminder to slow down and enjoy a movie together as a family. We won’t be legalistic about it. If we miss one, we miss one. And this won’t take the place of our Advent activities, rather extend the time we spend together. 

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