Sometimes when we are in the middle of all life’s crazy, we forget all the good or great things that have happened to us. Not sure about you, but I lose my focus and get distracted.

As I sat reflecting on the past year, I realized that God really did bless and answer prayers! Looking back on 2017, I realized it wasn’t such a bad year after all.

Healing in My Marriage

The highlight of 2017 was our vow renewal on our 18th anniversary, which was the culmination of striving and healing and growing as a couple. It was a beautiful day, and while I would rather not have ever been in the place to need to renew our vows, to not have seen God do great things would have been a missed blessing. Often the greatest blessings come from struggling through trials.

Becoming BrinaLynn

One of those blessings was this. This place — my blog. I knew one night after leaving our community group that the Lord was telling me to write. I pushed back, though, because I wasn’t sure anyone would care or benefit from what I had to say, but He pressed me harder.

So on April 4th, I hit publish for the very first time on this space, and while it has been harder than I ever imagined, it has blessed me to know that I in some way have encouraged you! That’s what God’s plan for me here is — to encourage, to be real, to let you see our junk so that you don’t feel so alone.

Growing in my Faith

I’ve grown as a woman. A wife. A mother. But most importantly, a Christ follower. I get beat down from time to time, but I know from where my help comes. I know that the God who loves me picks up the pieces and puts them back together. Without a doubt, I know that the Lord hears my cries, and He delivers me. (Psalm 34:17) Not always in the way I think He should, but He delivers me nonetheless.

2017 in the Rear View

When reflecting on the past year, I realize that God has grown me, healed my marriage, and brought me here, I can’t help but to conclude that 2017 was better than I gave it credit for.

We struggled through at times, trying to make ends meet, fighting for our marriage, surviving my husband’s crazy job, and continuing on in homeschooling 6 kids. No doubt, it was a trying year, but in it I can see that God has done great things in our family, in our marriage, and in our hearts.

Looking Ahead…

As I look ahead to what 2018 holds, I’m excited. With God, all things are possible! And I’m holding to that as we start a brand new year.

I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for us — you and me!

My prayer is that we grow in Christ. We grow as wives and moms and women. I pray that in the not so fun stuff that we can look to the Lord, who is our help, our comfort, and our salvation! I pray that He continues to place the broken pieces together and to make us whole again. I pray that we all trust that he hears us when we cry. And that He brings beauty from ashes.

In 2018, rather than reflecting on the past, let’s look to Jesus, and not let our focus waiver.

2017 In the Rear View | '18 on the Horizon

What about it, are you with me?

Brina Lynn

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